BVI continues to put innovation in motion

While a lot of things are different today than anyone could have guessed not long ago, one thing that hasn’t changed is BVI’s commitment to making a difference in Ophthalmology and working with world-class surgeons to bring innovation. Enjoy the products we have chosen to feature from our broad portfolio.

Our latest innovations


Unrivalled experience with CryoTreq®

CryoTreq is the first and only hand-held, single-use and stand-alone device for ophthalmic cryo-surgery, a treatment based on locally applying extreme freeze to eye tissues, to perform many treatments, i.e. cryopexy for retinal detachment. 

Addressing control of light beam direction

The 29G Spotlight Directional Chandelier enables bimanual surgery offering: .

  • Directional control of light-beam for enhanced visualisation 
  • Valved entry system for straightforward light fibre entry, fixation and removal
  • Stationary and diffuse wide-field endo-illumination
  • Self-retaining self-sealing scleral port system

PhysIOL® Intraocular lenses

FineVision® 10 years anniversaryISOPURE® : Uncompromised. Extended. Simplified.

FineVision® 10 years anniversary

2010 saw the first FineVision lens implanted in Belgium. FineVision technology is now available in 74 countries, with more than 700,000 lenses sold. 

Together we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of providing freedom from glasses for your patients.

The FineVision family is growing to answer all the patients’ needs and expectations. 

We are welcoming you to be part of the FineVision club. 


Optimise your procedure pack with BVI’s new CustomEyes® Configurator Application. With our extensive range of high-quality instruments, our knowledgeable sales team will create the optimal pack for your specialty. 

The CustomEyes Configurator allows our team of ophthalmic specialists to easily create the right pack for you. The app builds a digital sample instantly so you can consider new ways to improve efficiency in the OR. With real-time pricing and rapid sampling, you can have confidence that you’re getting the right pack.

Schedule now a time to CustomEyes your procedure pack today during a live discussion with a BVI Expert.

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CryoTreq® & 29G Spotlight Directional Chandelier

Maura Arsiero, PhD

Global Product Manager Vitreoretinal

Antonio Boccardi

Global Marketing Director Equipment & Accessories

Custom Procedure Packs

Eddie Carden

Sr Global Product & Project Manager, Custom Packs

Stéphane Maisonneuve

Global Product Manager Consumables


Antonio Boccardi

Global Marketing Director Equipment & Accessories

Giovanni Pernice

Global Sr Training & KOL Mgr, Equipment & Accessories

Premium intraocular lenses

Warwick Strand

Global Marketing Director, IOL

Sébastien Franssens

Sr Marketing & Training Manager, IOL

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